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Given that this is a free ebook (I picked it up at the site) I thought others might be interested in checking it out since the author has various other male/male titles, most of them only a few dollars.

I suspect this author is one of many fanfic writers who has turned fic into a commercial title. For example the preview for another story Promise in a Kiss is, if not a converted J2 story then amazingly similar to one I've read with that same premise. And another story about a superhero cosplay Valentine's Day is pretty obviously fannish.

The summary for Wanting is: "Jonah Beckett has been in love with his older brother's best friend, Laurie, for years. When his boyfriend, Dirk, breaks up with him for refusing to put out, Jonah uses his heartbreak over the situation to ask Laurie to teach him all about sex before he starts college. Problem is, he made Dirk up, and he has no idea what will happen when Laurie finally finds out."

Wanting is a short but sufficiently complete story that has decent plot and character development. I found the ending a bit forced in the "we need a last-minute misunderstanding to separate them" department, but it was soon over and at least the event traded on poor timing instead of obvious stupidity between the two protagonists.

The overall story followed the conventions of het romances fairly closely, so in that sense it wasn't a particularly gripping tale as one could anticipate certain turns and character perspectives on other characters. But it managed to avoid being too cliche thus allowing me to identify more clearly with both of the main characters at different times.

The world the characters live in is very thinly sketched out, as are other characters, but then the story is not all that long and the author apparently chose to focus on giving the central pair a bit of development. This is probably not a story anyone will feel the need to re-read but it was enjoyable enough and the writing good enough to make me curious about the author's other titles.
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