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This post is a place to drop suggestions for Slushpile Sleuths. These can be suggestions about the community admin details (membership, posting access, rules of participation), ebook review suggestions (posting templates, genre preferences, review lengths, specific books), blog details (layout, tagging ideas, related blog links), and so on.

Some of the ideas we may consider are:
  • What to list in the Links List: blogs/forums with ebook reviews, sources of ebooks, technical help about ebooks, etc.
  • Whether we want any specific guidelines/format for reviews (minimum word count? Maximum? Specific info to list? Scheduled or free-for-all?)
  • What posting frequency we'd prefer
  • Any special rules for negative reviews
  • Any restrictions on what to review--small/self publishers only? DRM-free only? Under a certain price? Not available as pbook? Anything outside the Big 6 publishers? No restrictions?
We'll also need to establish membership & posting guidelines--do reviewers need to be members of Mobileread? Can anyone offer a review, or do they need to join the community? Who's in charge in case of conflicts? (Suggestion: not me.) Should admin posts & discussions of community policy be public or not?

Some of these have obvious answers to the current group, and are mostly offered as ways to trigger other thoughts. Some should be discussed, either here or at Mobileread. Some will have to wait until the group is more familiar with Dreamwidth. (Tagging options, for example.) We may want a couple of posts focused on Dreamwidth tutorials--how to navigate, the special DW tags (like the cut tags in this post, or the way to link to specific users/communities like [community profile] ebooks and [community profile] book_reviews)

This post can also serve, at least for now, as a general drop-spot for questions, comments, or reading suggestions.

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Date: 2010-08-30 01:50 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] david_marseilles
Sorry it took me so long to get here. Just wanted to say the lag in SPS activity doesn't have to be the end. I just finished a week with 31 hours of graduate class time, and have another 15 to do in the 3 days, each accompanied by a little over an hour of reading (but, uh, not the good kind).

I still think this is a good idea and still fully plan to post my first review soonish.


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